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Placement UK is an ISO 9000 registered firm
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Welcome to Placement UK
Undergraduate Internships, Interns & Placement Student Opportunities

Welcome to Placement UK, the European Student Placement and Internship Organisation!

If you are an employer interested in high calibre undergraduate placement students & interns, click on to the Employers Area.

If you are a student looking for a free, paid placement or internship in the UK, check the Students Area.

If you are an academic institution in a EU member state, and want to help your students find paid placements in the UK for free, visit the Universities Area.

Placement UK: Student Internships and European Student Placement Opportunities


Student Internships and European Student Interns and Placement Opportunities

Services for Placement & Internship Students
Are you a European student looking for a student placement or undergraduate internship in the UK? Do you have a valid European passport or a student visa that allows you to undertake a student placement or undergraduate internship opportunity? If your answer is 'YES' we are here to help you in your search for a student internship. We specialise in helping European placement students and interns and our service is FREE!

Services for Universities
Placement UK is a free, specialised service designed to help European undergraduates to find student internships or placements in the UK. By registering your academic institution with us, you will start receiving student internship, interns and placement opportunities straight into your email inbox. Already 1800 top universities and academic institutions from all around Europe have found our FREE service invaluable in helping undergraduates find internships in the UK.

Services for Employers
Placement UK provides a unique, flexible and quite unbeatable service. We supply European students and undergraduates to fill a great variety of roles in any organisation. Most placements last 6 months. But continuity can be achieved with Placement UK's "Rolling Programme" - as a placement student nears the end of a student internship, a replacement intern is identified and appointed. The outgoing undergraduate intern then trains the replacement undergraduate placement student for maximum continuity and productivity.

For more information please contact Placement UK

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